abandoned truck in Ramah, CO

Last week’s 52frames assignment was titled “Abandoned”. The extra credit was to SAFELY go on an urbanex. For those unfamiliar with the term, its short for Urban Exploration. Basically its finding abandoned building and exploring them. Denver doesn’t really lend itself to much urbanex. Any empty building is in the process of being renovated or torn down to make room for new buildings. As a result, I decided to try to find something out on the plains that time had left behind. I drove 70 miles southeast to the urban metropolis of Ramah, population 128. Ramah is also getting a make-over. I did still get some abandoned vehicles and the old mercantile. I then road over to the Pike National Forest and found the South Platte Hotel. The hotel was popular in the 1900’s and ran along the railroad. Gone are the railroad and the tourists it brought replaced by fisherman and campers. Hopefully one day someone will restore this piece of history.